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APTTF Tourism Board Advisory

The APTTF Travel and Tourism Advisory Board (Board) serves as the advisory body to the Secretary of Asia Pacific Gambling Tourism & Travel for Casino and Betting Federation (APTTF) and its affiliated Tourism Ministries in Asia Pacific region on matters relating to the travel and tourism industry in Asia Pacific Region.
The Tourism Advisory Board (APTTF TAB) advises the Secretary on government policies and programs that affect the Chapter Country & Regional travel and tourism industry, offers counsel on current and emerging issues, and provides a forum for discussing and proposing solutions to industry-related problems.
APTTF Travel Advisory Board Members shall present the Secretaries of Commerce with advice on a wide range of policies and issues facing the travel and tourism including travel facilitation, visa policy, infrastructure, aviation security, research, energy policy, and economic sustainability, as well as, valuable advice on the National Travel and Tourism Strategy. Board recommendations will be shared on this site.
The Board is comprised of up to twelve (12) main board members appointed by the President of APTTF and Chapter Members (according to region/country) shall have 8 appointed Committee Members of each respective chapters.
Members of the APTTF Tourism Advisory Council shall represent companies and organizations in the travel, hospitality and tourism industry from a broad range of products and services, company sizes and geographic locations. Members serve, at the discretion of the President/Secretary of APTTF, typically for a two-year term.
The Board was originally chartered in 2008, and because of the Department's need for the ongoing advice from industry representatives, has been re-chartered seven times, most recently in 2017.
The President/CEO shall serves as the Board's Executive Director. The Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation office serves as the Executive Secretariat for the Board. If you have questions or comments, please email : [email protected]

Asia Pacific Tourism Board Advisory Members In Malaysia

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Mr Adeva Sangkuni

President/CEO : Asia Pacific Casino Gambling and Betting Federation
Singapore (Chairman)

Mr Moe

Managing Casino Director : Mozaic Pte Ltd
Singapore – (Council Member)

Mr Arief Gunawan

Chairman | Indonesia Luxury Casino Gambling and Betting Association
Indonesia (Council Member)

Mr Eric Van Peggelin

CEO | Borneo Convention Centre Casino Gambling and Betting
Malaysia ( Council Member)

Mr Eric J

Managing Director, International Casino Gambling and Betting Solutions (IGBS)
Singapore ( Council Member)