Statistics In Linguistics

Christopher Butler

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AUTOR Christopher Butler
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Noté /5. Retrouvez Statistics in Linguistics et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf ou d'occasionFormat: Broché. 06/01/ · Linguists with no background in statistics will find this book to be an accessible introduction to statistics. Concepts are explained in non-technical terms, and mathematical formulas are kept to a minimum. The book incorporates SPSS, which is a statistics package that incorporates a point and click interface rather than complex line-commands. Step-by-step instructions . Scholfield () asserted that statistics enable a linguistic researcher to summarise obtained data through statistical measures (descriptive statistics) and Author: Phil Scholfield. Statistics in Corpus Linguistics: A Practical Guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Do you use language corpora in your research or study, but find that you struggle with statistics? This practical introduction will equip you to understand the key principles of statistical thinking and apply these concepts to your own research, without the need for prior statistical knowledge. The book. Statistics in Linguistics. Course. Admission requirements. Basic mathematics and analytical abilities assumed. Description. This course provides an introduction to basic concepts and methods of descriptive and inferential statistics that are needed for the analysis of quantitative data in linguistics. In particular, we will focus first on data exploration and the understanding of. This book demonstrates the contribution that statistics can and should make to linguistic studies. The range of work to which statistical analysis is applicable is vast: including, for example, language acquisition, language variation and many aspects of applied linguistics. The authors give a wide variety of linguistic examples to demonstrate the use of statistics in summarising data in the. This book is the revised and extended second edition of Statistics for Linguistics with R. The comprehensive revision includes new small sections on programming topics that facilitate statistical analysis, the addition of a variety of statistical functions readers can apply to their own data, and a revision of overview sections on statistical tests and regression modeling. Contents. Preface vii 1 Some fundamental concepts in statistics 1 2 Frequency distributions 14 3 Measures of central tendency and variability 27 4 The normal distribution 44 5 Sample statistics and population parameters: estimation 53 6 Project design and hypothesis testing: basic principles 65 7 Parametric tests of significance 78 8 Some useful non-parametric tests 98 9 The chi-square test. Request PDF | Statistics in Corpus Linguistics: A Practical Guide | Cambridge Core - Applied Linguistics - Statistics in Corpus Linguistics - by Vaclav Brezina | Find, read and cite all the. This study aims to track shifts in linguistic constructions of gender in written U.S. discourse using the Corpus of Historical American English (). Lexical values were examined by dividing selected gender words by gender and by word type (e.g. male pronouns, female titles); per-million occurrences were observed by decade and word-type category. Semantic values were compared by decade. Research Principles, Methods and Statistics in Applied Linguistics has been written for university students who major in various fields related to English language, literature and translation in Iran. Although there are a number of related textbooks.