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AUTOR Jose Maria Merino
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Intramuros is essentially the old city, the foundations of the city lay here. Manila started as a small town sorrounded by a fortress. Many of Manila's monuments,museums, arquitectural buildings from 4/5(K). /8/13 · Intramuros (Latin: within the walls) is the historic centre and oldest district of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Also known as the Ciudad Murada (Walled City) because of its most famous feature: a nearly three-mile-long circuit of massive stone walls. /9/5 · Intramuros, urban district and historic walled city within Metropolitan Manila, in the Philippines. The name, from the Spanish word meaning “within walls,” refers to the fortified city founded at the mouth of the Pasig River shortly after by the Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi. Intramuros was erected on the ruins of a Malay settlement at the mouth of the Pasig River. Its strategic location attracted the attention of the conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who took over the area in and proclaimed it as the Philippine colony's new capital. 西班牙王城區Intramuros 我們過去的方式是搭乘馬尼拉 吉普尼 Jeepney,到達附近以後用徒步的方式過去。在城中城附近會有很多三輪車過來搭訕要推銷行程,或者說附近走不到,很遠之類的鬼話,但目前都已經有手機地圖在手,這騙不到我們。. Des surprises et des exclusivités au Concept Store Intramuros! Observer, découvrir, étonner, et surtout un seul mot d’ordre au concept store: se faire plaisir! Pour la Paris Design Week, Intramuros a concocté avec ses partenaires une sélection de produits qui mettent en avant l’inventivité, l’ingéniosité, et le savoir-faire des créateurs. L’application IntraMuros vous permet d’informer, d’alerter et de faire participer vos administrés à la vie locale. Vos administrés reçoivent vos alertes directement sur leur smartphone. Ils accèdent aux événements de tout leur bassin de vie. The Intramuros Administration, in collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy in Manila, and Felta Multimedia, Inc., opened the iMake History Fortress at the Baluarte de Santa Barbara, Fort Santiago last March 19, The facility is the first history-based LEGO Education center in the world. Intramuros Intramuros is the historic centre and oldest district of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Also known as the Ciudad Murada because of its most famous feature: a nearly 5-km-long circuit of massive stone walls and fortifications that almost completely surrounds the entire district. Intramuros, or the ‘Walled City’, is one of the oldest districts of Manila, built on the south bank of the Pasig River around It was built by the Spaniards – more specifically by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi – and is bound on all sides by moats and thick, high walls, with some over 6 meters high. 9/1/ · intramuros (invariable) inner city, within the city's walls. Paris intramuros. "intramuros" in Le Trésor de la langue française informatis.